Virtual Vocals Pricing

Because we are involved in such a diverse array of projects we quote on a case-by-case basis that takes into account all the variables e.g. how much work is involved, the type and profile of the project, the profile of the singer(s) that are being booked, whether it’s for commercial release or broadcast or just a demo/pitch etc.

Our rates are competitive and reflect standard market rates for high-level session singers in the UK, but with minimal additional overheads. Quotes are fully inclusive of the session singer’s fee, studio hire and production costs.

We’re not the cheapest around, but we take pride in the very high quality of singers and service that we offer. So if you think your project deserves the best, and you’re prepared to invest a little more to get the best possible result, then you’ve come to the right place!

As a rough ‘ball-park’ figure, around GBP£200 (UK pounds sterling) would generally get you vocals on a short local radio jingle or a small package of station idents for a local radio station, or backing vocals on an album track (one singer multi-tracked).

We only use the most in-demand, professional session singers, i.e. they do this for their living and therefore command the types of fees that you would pay any high-level tradesman or other professional for their work. We also have a policy that we will only put forward singers that we personally know and can therefore recommend with confidence.

Since we first started this service in 2004 we’ve now worked with over 300 different clients worldwide, and with a large amount of repeat business and averaging hundreds of sessions per year, we must be doing something right!